Course: Devour French

December 2, 2016
Course: Restrictions
December 2, 2016

Course: Devour French

Jump Start Your French!

Devour French: The First Bite

Best course ever to lay a strong foundation in French or to prepare for your next trip to France.

PRICEOption 1: Take 4 private classes of 45 minutes each for $195 (choose your own schedule)
Option 2: Create your own group, bring 3 new students with you and your 4-hour course is FREE!
4 hours $255 (choose your own schedule)
MATERIALSDevour French: The First Bite. $19, tax included
CURRICULUMGet ready for your next trip to France. Learn some basic verbs, practical vocabulary and sentences, pronunciation and cultural tips.

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