Course: Level 1

Course: Restrictions
December 2, 2016
Course: Level 2
December 2, 2016

Course: Level 1

FREE Elementary Level 1

with the purchase of LEVEL 2 at $399
pay $299 for LEVEL 1 only

PERKS: Free make-up class in any group available. Free extra attendance during the week. Two free one-on-one 30 minute make-ups. Please sign up early. No refund, no credits after 2/27/20. Sorry, no exceptions. Missed classes may not be credited to a later session.

Please pick up an updated schedule the 1st week of classes.

PRICE8 weeks: $299 or FREE (if you sign up for level 2 at $399)
PREREQUISITENone, but our course The First Bite: Introduction to French is recommended.
MATERIALSBook 1: Devour French 1! $29.95, tax included.

A1. 30 basic verbs in the Present, Past & Future. Pronunciation. Interrogative & negative forms. Pronouns.

Morning Classes
100Monday a.m. 9:30-11:30
101Wednesday a.m.11:00-1:00
Afternoon Classes
102Monday p.m.12:30-2:30
103Tuesday p.m.1:00-3:00
Evening Classes
104Monday p.m.7:00-9:00
105Tuesday p.m.6:30-8:30
Saturday Class
106Saturday p.m.12:30-2:30

Pronunciation Quick Fix:

Improve your pronunciation with a 25 minute practice lesson for only $20.

Schedule your pronunciation quick fix before or after your class.
Call us now at 415-362-3666 or just come to the front desk to make an appointment.

 Attend more classes at no extra cost

Enroll in the Elementary Level 1 class of your choice and attend ANY or ALL of the Elementary Level 1 classes we open during your enrolled session at no extra cost.

Please pick up an updated schedule the 1st week of classes.

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