Course: Level 4

Course: Level 3
December 2, 2016
Course: Level 5
December 2, 2016

Course: Level 4

Elementary Level 4

Please pick up an updated schedule the 1st week of classes.

PRICE8 weeks: $409
PREREQUISITESee Level 3 curriculum
MATERIALSBook 4: Devour French 4! $29.95, tax included.
CURRICULUMVerb tenses : present, past tenses, future, imperative, subjunctive present and past, conditional present and past, conjunctions
400Monday p.m.2:00-4:00
401Tuesday a.m.10:00-12:00
402Tuesday p.m.6:30-8:30
403Saturday p.m.12:30-2:30

Pronunciation Quick Fix:

Improve your pronunciation with a 25 minute practice lesson for only $20.

Schedule your pronunciation quick fix before or after your class.
Call us now at 415-362-3666 or just come to the front desk to make an appointment.

Attend more classes at no extra cost

Enroll in theĀ Elementary Level 4 class of your choice and attend ANY or ALL of the Elementary Level 4 classes we open during your enrolled session at no extra cost.

Please pick up an updated schedule the 1st week of classes.

Special offer for NEW Students:

LEVELS 2 to 8: Bring in a registration form or an ad from another SF private language school 6 or 8-week program, and we will beat their price by 20%!

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