A Traveler’s Guide to Learning French in France

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March 4, 2021
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June 29, 2021

A Traveler’s Guide to Learning French in France

Travel in Paris, France

Have you been taking group classes to learn French language and now want to know what it feels like to learn a language with all your senses? You will get that experience as soon as you set foot in France. From listening to the ladies lunching in the park or ordering your pastries at the local bakery, French will be all around you.

Learning French in France is one of the best ways to push your language proficiency level up a notch. Unlike taking group classes to learn French language, a full immersion experience, where you can hear and see (and smell, taste, and touch), will get you thinking and communicating in French in a more concentrated way. The more you explore and speak with local French people, the faster you’ll experience the world through the French language.

Public Places Are Conducive to Learning French in France

At le marché (the market) or le supermarché (the grocery store)

French markets are fabulous places to hear a lot of French and a (tasty) place to practice basic language skills taught in group classes to learn French language, such as greetings/goodbyes, food vocabulary, and numbers/currency.

[H3] At the café or la boulangerie (bakery)

Another fabulous place to practice les politesses (manners), the local bakery typically has lots of labels with the names of sweets and treats. A café menu will also offer a great opportunity to practice reading and pronouncing more basic vocabulary as well as applying your comprehension skills in context rather than in group classes to learn French language.

At le cinéma (the movie theater)

It’s not difficult to find films in English with French subtitles at movie theaters. This will provide a great opportunity for you to get comfortable with French vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversation without being overwhelmed.

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