Group Classes

The Many Varieties of French Class Courses
October 23, 2020
Private French Classes Online
October 28, 2020

Group Classes


Learning a second language can feel daunting and overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. That’s why The French Class offers several levels of French group classes so students of every level can practice. There’s no need to wait; you can sign-up for our group sessions now!

Why Choose The French Class?

We’ve been providing top-quality French classes since 1992; we aim to provide the best teaching and translation services to broaden our student’s horizons. Our group classes span eight weeks, and we conduct an evaluation so that we can place you at the level that best suits your knowledge. You can expect a fully dedicated instructor whose goal is to provide you with a strong French foundation and challenge those who are more adept at the language.

When you sign up for our courses, we’ll provide you with all the content you’ll need for the French classes online. Though we would love to have you in our group classes, we have private French classes at your disposal, too.

Sign-up today to get started on your French language journey. We can’t wait to see you there!

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