Private and online classes

Private classes

Private classes are conducted at our school or on Skype by one of our highly trained and experienced French native instructors. Instructors may be sent to your San Francisco office or home if easily accessible by public transportation.

One of the main benefits of private lessons is the complete flexibility of the learning program in terms of scheduling and content of the course. You may want to have one private lesson per week, per month or every other week, as you prefer. The frequency and length of your lessons may be changed with at least a 24-hour notice.

Free consultation

If you are not sure how to begin or don’t know your level, you can schedule a free initial consultation with absolutely no obligation. We will assess your level and discuss a detailed lesson plan according to your level, goals, and preferred teaching method. Once you start your private lessons, you may request another free consultation at any time to review your progress and/or change your lesson plan or the teaching method.

Scheduling and canceling

You can schedule a private class by phone at 415.362.3666 or email

Initially we will need a credit card number to reserve your class with a teacher, but you can pay for your classes by check, debit card or cash if you prefer.

We will confirm your private class by phone two business days prior to your class. You do not need to call back unless you need to cancel or reschedule your private class. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please call us at 415.362.3666 during office hours to avoid charges. Students having a private class on Monday will be given an emergency number to call during the weekend ONLY to cancel their private class scheduled on Monday.


Our rates vary depending on the number of hours purchased at a time.

Private classes anywhere in the world
via Skype, Zoom or Facetime

one single 30 minute lesson$35
five 30 minute lessons ($30/lesson)$150
ten 30 minute lessons ($28/lesson)$280
twenty 30 minute lessons ($26/lesson) + one free$520
thirty 30 minute lessons ($25/lesson) + two free$750

Frequently asked questions

1May I try just one class?
If you would like to try just one class, the one-hour rate ($78) will be prorated if you decide to purchase a 5, 10, 20, 30 hour package within 48 hours of your initial lesson.
2May I make-up a private lesson I missed?
We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you have to cancel or reschedule a private lesson, please call us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid charges. Private lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at the regular rate. However, you may make-up the private class you missed in a group class. Please call us or speak with the person at the desk for more details.
3Are private lessons conducted exclusively in French?
We recommend total immersion. However, a private class is your class and should be conducted exactly as you like it to be. English may be used in class at your own discretion. It will be specified in your lesson plan.
4Do I need to buy a book?

Elementary levels will need to buy one of our books. $29.95 tax included.

Intermediate or advanced students who wish to practice conversation do not have to buy a book, but we recommend using some written support for the class such as newspaper or magazine articles, photographs, ads, etc.

Intermediate or advanced students who wish to study grammar need to buy one of the books we use for group classes.

5Is there homework?
Not necessarily, but to ensure progress, we recommend that students spend 10 to 15 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week on their lesson. You are always welcome to discuss your specific needs with your teacher or to request another free consultation to re-assess your goals and review your lesson plan.
6Do I need to become a member of The French Class?

The membership is optional. Our annual individual membership fee is $79. The family membership is $99. The benefits of The French Class membership are the following:

  • Lower rates on private lessons
  • 10% off 8-week group classes
  • free access to our library (books and DVDs)
  • free correction of two personal letters you write in French per month
  • free school events such as our book club
7May I use my private lessons to prepare for an exam?
We prepare students for the DELF and DALF exams. We can help you with other exams.
8What mode of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, debit and major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

Call to sign up for a class (415) 362-3666