Private French Classes vs. Group French Classes

What to consider when taking French classes?
September 28, 2021
French private lessons vs. Public lessons in school
November 29, 2021

Private French Classes vs. Group French Classes

There are many different reasons why people take French classes, whether it be in college to increase job opportunities, for a hobby or career, or even just to have the ability to read and write a language other than your native tongue. Some people learn their language by taking formal classes such as ESL or foreign language classes in their hometown or at an accredited university or college. Other people work their way up through informal learning by immersing themselves in the language and culture of the area in which they live. And yet other people decide to learn through individualized programs such as Learning French – Online or Rocket French. The key to these programs is getting exposure to the materials, the structure of the lessons, the feedback from other students, and the instructor, to build a strong foundation on which to build a lifetime of study.Group French Classes

Advantages of Private French Classes

The advantage of one-on-one focused learning for the individual is that the individual gets to work with the material and can practice speaking and listening with a personal tutor, rather than sharing a classroom setting with hundreds of other students. When an instructor breaks down the material into small manageable pieces, the individual can review each lesson at their own pace. When a student is self-directed, they are free to go back to the lesson and practice as many times as they want until they feel confident enough to ask the teacher questions about something they do not understand. This flexibility also works well for the home student who may have a lot of other responsibilities and limited time available to study.

One of the common arguments in favor of private French classes to group French classes is that the one-on-one attention of the individual is more beneficial than the small group interaction and communication that comes from a classroom setting. The answer to this question is that while the attention of the individual is more beneficial, both individually and in a group setting, the benefits of each differ. When you have only yourself to focus on and work on your material, you learn French easier. In a group, you have the benefit of having a friend or teammate speak French with you and help correct your pronunciation. This benefit makes it much easier to learn how to speak French quickly and efficiently.

Private French classes

However, there are also some drawbacks to using a small group to learn French. For one, the quality of the group is not necessarily consistent. Sometimes students in groups do not receive the same quality of instruction, just as they would in individual sessions. Group sessions are also stressful because of the presence of individuals, especially when one student does not know how another’s pronunciation or grammar is. This can lead to arguments and even resentment between students.

Other benefits of private French classes include the flexibility of the schedule. Since most classes are offered at varying times throughout the week, you are not forced to sit through a set amount of class time. Each class can run for as long or as short of a period as you wish. You also have the luxury of choosing your instructor. In a group, your choices may be limited but yours are not.

Another disadvantage of taking classes against group learning is cost. When you consider the quality of instruction you receive and compare it to what you can get by sitting in a class of several hundred other students, you will probably find that French lessons online cost about the same as regular French classes. Online lessons are also convenient. They are often available whenever you have time off from work and can be attended on the schedule that is right for you.

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